About Us

pr-logo-squarexray.glow_.merged.512px-150x150.pngPIELASZEK RESEARCH (PR) is a niche, commercial enterprise supporting industrial and academic scientists with highly specialized, Internet-based on-line systems for processing of a wide area of scientific data: from fundamental physical equations, across experimental data elaboration and experiment control, to publication systems. PR is consulting, engineering, technology integration and marketing partner. We help to condense spread ideas into a marketable product.


PR interest covers all sciences. Our publication systems support all languages and disciplines. We print low expenditure volumes and boost citations by publishing freely accessible full text in the Internet. Our flagship, The Conference Engine, is the most advanced integrated electronic service for scientific conferences available. It publishes website, does people and abstract registration, peer review, charges credit cards, typesets Book of Abstracts in a fully-automated or single-click manner.

Experimental data processing systems are most suitable for exact sciences and strict industrial applications (e.g. characterization systems). We have developed unique, cheap and precise X-ray diffraction grain size distribution evaluation methods for nanotechnology.


PR takes part in fundamental research together with public research institutions, such as universities or governmental research laboratories. In the field of fundamental research we act as non-profit organization: we publish results, exposing them for critics from scientific community and discuss any details. By the new theoretical findings we improve accuracy of our characterizations systems, while by the open scientific discussion we legitimate best research practices and quality. PR is specialized in solid state physics, X-Ray diffraction and theoretical description of the interaction of photons with matter in general.


We operate globally, however PR on-line systems are EU-aware, i.e. our products are integrated with number of European databases, either scientific and governmental. As PR was funded in Poland, we pride ourselves on excellent collaboration with major national scientific institutions. Our database contains nearly thousand of them.


We invite local and international partners, especially large consortia, where substantial organizational work has to be done using on-line systems (e.g. meetings or publishing). Research partners who wish to create technology demonstrators or fully functional on-line services (e.g. expert systems, data elaboration centers) are also welcome. Finally all partners who need commercialization and technology integration consulting or specific knowledge on nanotechnology and XRD applications are encouraged to contact us.