Shyman-related tutorials

Selection of short how-to clips related to SHYMAN

  • Sample DataStore 9.2 - How add procedure and enter experimental data
    Video about extraction of search results and pasting into Excel
  • Sample DataStore 9.2 - How to login and create a new sample
    Video tutorial on login and creation of a new sample in Sample DataStore.
  • Sample DataStore 9.2 - Search
    Another, a bit more detailed, explanation how Sample DataStore searches work.
  • Sample DataStore 9.2 - Search (presentation)
    Short video about searching in the Sample DataStore 9.2
  • Sample DataStore 9.2 - version 1.0.36 released - Drag'n'Drop Files
    Sample DataStore v. 1.0.36 has been released. It provides many improvements and new features, e.g. Drag & Drop interface for tables. Now, you can simply drop files on sample history to append the file to the sample's record.

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