Characterization Engine

The Network Characterization Service is an interactive tool projected for scientists who need rapid evaluation of experimental data. The service aims to be a platform interconnecting rare knowledge of charcterization experts, experimental facilities (synchrotrons, neutron sources, etc.) and novel Internet tools.

The system provides complete pipieline for processing of scientific data: from remote experiment with sample management, through data reduction, mathematical processing to publication of reports (in form of a short scientific paper).

The picture below shows data flow in the characterization engine together with technologies used in the client and server sides:


Flexibility of the system comes from plugins, which can be individually written for specific types of data being processed (e.g. powder diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, Raman, etc.). The plugins have form of short scripts in a simple programming language similar to Basic that can be used by non-programmers easily.

An example of application of the Characterization Engine is Nanopowder X-Ray Diffraction Processor Demo available free for academic use at

Please watch tutorials with commentary on functions and usage of the Nanopowder X-Ray Diffraction Processor Demo: