The Conference Engine

The Conference Engine™ is complete electronic service for conferences. It manages entire web information, on-line registration, payments and publication traffic related to scientific conference.

The Conference Engine (CE) is an integrated on-line registration system, website gene

Usage of The Conference Engine in Europe

Usage of The Conference Engine in Europe

rator, financial accounting, typesetting and publication facility. The strongest side of CE is abstract submission system that combines ease of a Word-like abstract editor with full automation of the paper processing system.

With CE we provide complete service, with hardware and software bearing entire electronic traffic related to the conference organisation, participant and abstract registration, payment processing and publishing of the conference materials with unique ISBN number assigned.

Nowdays, the CE is the most developed and widely used electronic service for scientific conferences available. Although being used on all continents, it is most popular in Europe and Poland, where it came from in 1998.

The conference website with on-line registration can be opened same day. CE is optimised for huge conferences (unlimited number of participants), however special sponsorship programme is available for small low-budget meetings too.